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The Pack A.D. 'Animal' - An Inked Exclusive Video Premiere


Inked is pleased to host the exclusive premiere for the latest video by Vancouver-based rockers, The Pack A.D. The track is called “Animal” and the video was filmed in the band’s hometown and helmed by long-time friend and collaborator Jimi Cuell, who also directed their recent post-apocalyptic, Mad Max inspired video for “Rocket.” “Animal” is from their latest critically acclaimed and ass-kicking album, Do Not Engage, and while the title of their album suggests otherwise, we couldn’t resist engaging with guitarist/singer Becky Black and drummer Maya Miller and chatting with them about their latest video as well as their tattoos.

INKED: You guys get pretty creative with your music videos. How involved are you with the director? Who came up with the concept for “Animal?”
MAYA: We both come from a theater/film background so the videos have always been really integral to our presentation of the music. So much so, that we're usually planning out future videos while we're recording songs, that's how quickly we think in images. Most of our videos have been our idea or combos with the director. For “Animal,” we definitely jammed the concept back and forth till we arrived at the current video. The one thing that was a given from the start, was that there was going to be some creepy dancing in it.

Do you have any other cool video ideas in the pipeline? Which other tracks from Do Not Engage might get the video treatment?
MAYA: Yes, we definitely have a couple of very cool ideas but that is a tale for another day. As for Do Not Engage, we would like to do a video for “Creepin' Jenny,” which of course would be very, well, scary. We'll see...

So Maya, can you tell us the meaning behind your “Chaos” and “Control” tattoos?
MAYA: It actually came from one of my favorite movies, which I will leave to people to figure out, because mystery is good. In the end though for me, I attribute it to my drumming. Chaos is on the left which is my strongest arm but guilty of erratic behavior and Control is on my right, which being right handed, clearly controlling what's going on.

And what about the cool half sleeve? Can you tell us the inspiration there and which artist did it?
MAYA: The original inspiration was covering up the first tattoo I ever got, which was an armband that I lived with for far too long. Perhaps because I can't swim, I have a fascination with the ocean and the creatures that call it home. I also am a bit of a horror fan—combine the two and you have my Kraken attacking a ship. The wonderful artist/tattooist Hilary Dawson did this for me over the course of a year in Vancouver at Electro-LadyLux Tattoos.

And the “Like a Shark” tattoo?
MAYA: You know how kids love horses or dogs or monkeys, I always loved sharks. This shark is simple but special to me as it also has my short form attitude about life: Just keep moving a shark.

Becky, how painful was the one behind the ear? And what’s the story behind the symbol?
BECKY: Actually, it wasn't very painful. But it was the loudest tattoo I've had done. It's a Haida eagle feather. I'm fond of birds—corvids and birds of prey, in particular. And growing up on the west coast provokes a familiarity and affinity for the Haida art style.

INKED: Is there a connection at all between the “XIII”, the Bird and the Bee?
BECKY: No connection. Lucky number. And bees are great—in particular for being integral members of our life-sustaining ecosystem. An essential and fascinating species. And also fuzzy.

INKED: Who did the bird and how long did that take?
BECKY: The line work was designed by a friend. Hilary Dawson at Electro Lady Lux in Vancouver did the tattoo and the detail/colouring. I believe it was two 2 ½ hour sessions.

INKED: Out of all your tattoos, do you guys have a favorite?
MAYA: I'm going to have to go with my shark. I got it while on tour in Nova Scotia with friends of mine and it has added significance as a few of us all got tattoos that day. My kraken could have been a full sleeve, but I just can't part with my shark.
BECKY: I love my bee. It pleases me every time I see it.

INKED: Do you have any other ink planned?
MAYA: Actually this is reminding me to hassle my bandmate, as she's drawing my next one. I may get something in the meantime, thinking of text on my left forearm, but that is taking a long time to decide on. After all, I have to believe in those words forever.
BECKY: I wanted to get an anatomical brain done but no one thinks this is a good idea. I may be one within a small margin of people who doesn't find the organ aesthetically unappealing. Maybe I'll go with a jellyfish. Or a jellyfish with a brain inside of it.

“Animal” can also be found on Meta Animal, a new EP available May 19th that features a few new bonus tracks