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Sex Worker Line Up! Can You Spot the Hooker? (VIDEO)


We Can't Believe Which Strangers Actually Work in the Sex Industry!

Over the past few decades, men and women alike have worked tirelessly to destigmatize sex work. And, it's clear that at least some progress has been made toward normalizing these professions. Today we see more respect extended toward those working in sex professions than ever before, however, there is still plenty progress to be made, particularly when it comes to stereotypes.

Sex workers are still heavily stereotyped in our society and it's been difficult to show the public that there is more than one "look" that a sex worker can have and that there are plenty of "everyday" civilians in these fields. The Cut, a media source with a popular YouTube channel sought out to tackle theses stigmas head on and prove that sex workers are a lot more pedestrian than one might think. Take a look at the video we've included in the gallery and let us know which hidden sex worker surprised you the most.

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