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The Perfect Playlist For Memorial Day Weekend

Your long weekend is launching, finally. With that comes the playlist that aid’s the road trip to your family’s lake house, drinks on the beach, or backyard barbeque. Like your playlist, the music keeps changing; what would you have starred on Spotify in 2004? For that matter, was Spotify even a thing in 2004? We took a look back at what topped the charts leading up to Memorial Day weekend over that last 15 years, and man was it a ride.

Some of these songs probably led you to yank the aux cord (or hit the boom box) to save your ears from pop-music hell, but like Shakira’s hips, don’t lie–you probably sang your drunken heart out to a few guilty pleasures. We’re still blasting some of them, too–no shame.

Take a peek through this throwback list that is sure to stir up memories (those surpassing that booze-infused screen). It tells a lot of how music transforms over a decade and a half. You’ll find artists that are probably on this weekend’s playlist, too, *cough Beyoncé cough*. Fire up the grill, juice the Bluetooth speakers–we hope your pool parties are packed with babes.