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Perfect Pup Portrait

Today's tattoo of the day is this remarkable piece by Steve Wiebe. Wiebe is based at Golden Republic Tattoo in British Columbia, Canada, as both a shop owner and highly talented tattoo artist. He is best known for his black and grey realism with a specialty in portraiture.

Take a look at this precious pup portrait chosen for today's pick. One of the coolest things about portrait's by Wiebe is his ability to capture an expression or emotion in the tattoo's countenance. By using highlights in this pet's eyes you can instantly see its love and care for its owner who probably was taking the reference photo this tattoo was based off of.

Apart from expressions, Wiebe is great at rendering texture. We absolutely love the fur on this dog portrait as it looks so real you could almost reach out and pet this pooch. In contrast to the dark fur, Wiebe is also able to depict shading and shadows with a simple sparse, black background. And when it comes to white highlights, Wiebe uses them exceptionally sparingly, choosing to only focus on highlights in the eyes and the pup's whiskers. How adorable is that?

For more amazing work by Steve Wiebe, make sure to check out his artist's page right here.

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