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Photographer Showcases Tattoo Collectors in Breathtaking Series

"Covered" Reveals the Double Lives of Tattooed People

Alan Powdrill is a UK based photographer who has gained international recognition for his photo series, "Covered." As a lifetime fan of tattoos and tattoo culture, Powdrill decided to create a series that showcases the intimate skin of heavily tattooed individuals. The models he met were people he found on the street, met at conventions, or reached out to on social media—with Powdrill traveling hundreds of miles to photograph his subjects in their natural environment. He chose to show the duality of each of his models, with one photograph of them fully clothed and another revealing their ink. Through this series, he hoped to provoke a series of questions from his audience, including "Do we judge these people any differently when their tattoos are revealed?" And although Powdrill has reached hundreds of thousands of people from around the world through his images, he wants to go even further and publish a book of his collection. Check out some never before seen shots from his project in the gallery below and stay tuned for over 75 photographs from the "Covered" collection.



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Check out his full "Covered" series.

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