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PHOTOS: 15 Tattoos With Hometown Pride

15 Tattoos Reppin' 'Hoods Around the World

Would you be down to represent your hometown or state with a tattoo? Rapper Paul Wall will tell you that reppin' your 'hood through body art is one of the most satisfying things you can do, as the hip-hop artist recently got a tattoo of the iconic "Be Someone" graffiti mural located in his hometown of Houston, Texas.

The "Sittin' Sidewayz" rapper isn't the only one to get a tattoo paying tribute to his stomping grounds, though. Tattoo representing cities, states and regions all over the world have been a common design in tattooing for quite some time now. Walk the floors of any tattoo convention and you're sure to spot an LA-themed tattoo or a piece featuring the Statue of Liberty, which is common in a New York or New Jersey-inspired tattoo.

Hit the photo gallery below and check out some similar tattoos reppin' cities, regions and states from Los Angeles, California to Paris, France.

NYC skyline tattoo by Xoil. Photo: Xoil

NYC skyline tattoo by Xoil. Photo: Xoil