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Pin-Ups for Pit Bulls

When it comes to animal rights these beautiful girls have a bite that’s worse than their bark!

By Matthew Clibanoff photos by Celeste Giuliano Photography MUAH by Raina Clarke

Founded in 2005 by Deidre ‘Little Darling’ Franklin, Pinups for Pit Bulls is an animal rights advocacy group that works to dispel stereotypes about pit bull type dogs. Distressed by the way in which pit bulls were portrayed in the media, and the way they were typically ignored by shelters and other animal rights groups, Franklin came up with an idea for a calendar. The idea was simple. Pair adorable pit bull pups with beautiful pinup models and use the proceeds to help educate people about the abuse pit bulls suffer all across America.

From humble beginnings, Pinups for Pit Bulls has become a hugely successful, garnering support all across social media and helping plenty of dogs get adopted in the process. Magnanimous isn’t a strong enough word, as Franklin has dedicated the past 12 years of her life to ensuring that these beautiful but misunderstood creatures are seen in a more positive light. We gave Franklin a call to talk to her about her organization, tattoo conventions, and to help us separate pit bull fact from fiction in this Inked Magazine extended interview.


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