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Porn's Favorite Inked Angel Stars in My Killer Girlfriend!

Punk Porn at Its Nastiest!

Joanna Angel has got to be one of our readers' favorite adult superstars...and why wouldn't she be? She's hot, sexy, funny, willing to do it ALL and she's tatted up! That's our kind of girl.
This award-winning porn star is pushing the porn envelope again and this time it's with the release of a new Burning Angel Entertainment horror porn title, My Killer Girlfriend!
"This is an incredibly gory and super sexy slasher movie,” said Angel. “It's campy and fun - with hot sex and gruesome deaths!”
We'll sum up the plot line like this, Angel, (who directed and stars in the horror-comedy) falls for the gorgeous Carmen Caliente, whom she finally meets after a year of cyber dating. Their first IRL sexual experience is amazing and they get along perfectly, except for when Caliente meets Angel’s friends – and kills them!
How's that for a plot twist?!


Photo via burning angel 


For those who can't wait for the official October release date hop on over to  and grab it now! Or go to where they will stream a new scene every week throughout the month of October!