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Porn’s Most Extreme Star and Her Transformation!

The Adult Industry’s Wild Child!

When you look up a bio on Lidya Rouge all you get is some porn biz mumbo jumbo. Here, read for yourself…Lidya Rouge is a stripper, erotic model and pornstar, who worked as a cashier in a supermarket before she decided to begin her career. But Lidya had always had in mind working in the porn industry. She defines herself as a very sensitive and sweet girl who is addicted to sex and admits she's always thinking about sex.

Well, just take one look at Lidya and you can tell there was and is a lot more complexity to this young woman than being a cashier turned pornstar. However, Lidya rarely speaks to the press and she is exited from the pron biz, in fact she is even going through a physical transformation!

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Photo via instagram