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Portfolio Peek - Goethe

It's time you got to know Goethe. No, we're not talking about the German writer from the 19th century, although Faust is pretty amazing. We're talking about the tattoo artist known for making some of the sickest black-and-grey tattoos with a historical bent.

"My favorite style of tattooing is a pre-Hispanic," Goethe explains. "It's all about the dark sides of the culture—gods of the underworld, rituals, sacrifices. It's all about Aztec and Mayan cultures."

It's cool to see a tattoo artist looking back into history in order to find inspiration not just in the form of art but also for subject matter. Much like how the history of those pre-Hispanic Mexican cultures was able to endure, Goethe hopes that his tattoos will stand the test of time. This is why he chooses to ink in black-and-grey—it gives him the ability to do high contrast with some confidence that the ink will last the client's lifetime without fading too horribly.

Goethe explains how the heritage of one of his clients determined the way he went about creating one of his more memorable tattoos. In the piece, which you can see in the video below, Goethe combined elements from Aztec culture as well as Nicaraguan culture that spoke to both sides of the client's heritage.

As you listen to Goethe speak about his portfolio it's refreshing to hear that he not only enjoys the artistic side of his work, but that he has a full understanding of the symbolism and importance of the pieces he creates. You can see the entire interview below. If you enjoyed this video be sure to check out some more of SullenTV's Portfolio Peeks here and here.

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