Portfolio Peek - Vero


In this edition of SullenTV's Porfolio Peek we get a chance to meet Montreal's Vero. If you are into realistic tattoos, especially realistic tattoos of animals, Vero is an artist whose name you have to remember. While she works in both color and black-and-grey Vero prefers the latter.

"I love more black-and-grey," Vero explains. "Because of the contrast and the way that it sits on the skin. Color can be very interesting too, but I love black-and-grey."

Vero also talks about one of her favorite tattoos, a gorgeous sleeve that she completed in only three days. After back-to-back-to-back marathon sessions of roughly 12-hours the finished product is truly breathtaking. While it was a huge challenge for her to undertake, Vero had a lot of fun testing herself. While some artists like to stick to what they know best, Vero likes to attack any challenge that comes her way and push her art.

Part of the allure of being a tattooer is the ability to go see the world as you attend tattoo conventions. When Vero is on the road she makes sure to make the most of it by hitting up as many museums as she possibly can. While she is browsing the fine art collections of the world inspiration often strikes and the artist sits down and sketches, often times these moments of inspiration end up being tattooed on lucky clients.

You can hear a whole lot more about Vero and get a good look at her portfolio in this edition of Portfolio Peeks from SullenTV.

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