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'Pretty Girls' Iggy Azalea and Britney Spears Release New Track

Iggy Azalea and Britney Spears just made our week pop with the release of their highly anticipated single “Pretty Girls.” Like any good pop song, you’ll be blasting their new track on repeat by the end of the day. Iggy said it straight on Twitter, “I’m just over here acting like a total fan girl for Britney’s vocals on this song. Cant. Stop. Listening. So classically Britney.” The Australian sensation changes gears from rapping on the track to also debuting her vocals on the chorus alongside the pop icon.

The song was leaked over the weekend (like most songs are these days) and the stars responded quickly. Britney asked her 41.7 million Twitter fans to “hold out just a little longer,” until the official release. Iggy also tweeted, “I’m really really happy to see so many people loving it but I also just want to clarify it's not an ‘early’ release it’s a leak,” and requested fans not share links until the song officially hits iTunes and other sharing platforms.

The “Pretty Girls” video premiere has yet to be revealed, but the world was teased with behind-the-scenes photos in the beginning of April. The video takes on a total ‘80s vibe and apparently Jeff Goldblum is involved. The single’s cartoony artwork is space themed too; Britney looking like classic Britney and Iggy looking like a futuristic space goddess, but it doesn’t show off her tattoos… what’s with that?

Britney and Iggy will team up at the Billboard Music Awards on May 17 to perform “Pretty Girls” together for the first time (YAY!). What will come first, their performance or the video? Either way, “Pretty Girls” is first to make the soundtrack of summer 2015.

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