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Only You Can Prevent Bad Tattoos

As much as it pains us to say this, there are a lot of bad tattoos in this world. Just like snowflakes, each one is terrible in its very own and unique way. This is where we turn to you, dear reader. As a fan of tattoo art and culture it is your duty to make sure your friends and family are informed before they go under the needle. As Smokey the Bear’s tattooed cousin would say, only you can prevent bad tattoos.

As an inked person you become an ambassador for the entire industry, but don’t worry, it’s not nearly as difficult of a position as it sounds. When you have tattoos people come to you for advice when they want to get their own ink, it’s your duty to put them on the right path so they end up with good work. Here are 8 simple tips to help you prevent more bad tattoos from entering the world.

Make sure they go to a real tattoo artist.
We’ve all been there before. You’re sitting down with a friend who takes a look at your ink and starts talking about his buddy that does tattoos out of a garage/basement/liquor store parking lot and how they are thinking about getting one. At this point it is perfectly acceptable to just yell at your friend and call them an idiot, but that's not very constructive. Instead you should convince them that they need to go to a real artist who not only knows their art but also understands the basic principles of sanitation. While a lousy tattoo is embarrassing an infection is far worse.

Click through below to see how YOU can prevent bad tattoos.