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A Preview of the Brand New Freshly Inked W/ Carlos Rojas


Carlos Rojas rose to prominence by tattooing a Breaking Bad sleeve so realistic that you can almost smell the chemicals coming off of Walter White's HazMat suit, but the art has been in him far longer than that. Rojas got his first bit of ink when he was young enough to still need to hide his tattoos from his mother. Well, there's no more hiding ink from mom now that he is on the cover of the latest issue of Freshly Inked.

Rojas leads a lineup of remarkably diverse but all supremely talented tattoo artist in the latest issue. From the delightfully dark creations of Ryan Ashley to the adorably playful art of Lindsay Baker, nearly every style you can think of is represented in this issue. Heck, there are even a few styles that you might not have even thought of in there.

We know that you are probably itching to run to the newsstand to pick up a couple of copies but hold your horses, it hasn't been released yet. But, to satiate your rabid appetite for phenomenal art we're going to give you a little peek about what's inside. In the gallery below you can get a taste of each artist's work, it should be just enough to tide you over until the issue comes out.