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This Man's Tattoo Collection is The Pride of Springfield

How often have you thought that you were the "world's biggest fan" of a movie, band or TV show? Chances are if you're able to rattle off minutiae about your pop culture obsession at a moment's notice you probably fancy yourself the world's biggest fan. Well, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but if your obsession is The Simpsons you are not the biggest fan. Not even close.

Meet Michael Baxter. The Australian man is such a fan of Matt Groening's long-running cartoon that he got a tattoo to show his devotion. Of course, there's nothing strange about that, thousands of people have tattoos of their favorite movie and TV characters. The difference is that Baxter's tattoo isn't of just one character, no, it's a bit more intense than that. Baxter has 203 different residents of Springfield tattooed one to his back, enough to land him a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Over the period of a year the 52-year-old spent 130 hours getting tattooed by Jade Baxter Smith, owner of Twisted by Design Tattoo just outside of Melbourne. During those five-and-a-half days of tattooing, Smith inked pretty much every memorable character from the series onto Baxter's back, as well as including some of the characters multiple times. I can spot at least three Homers within the piece although as hard as I try I can't seem to fine Kodos and Kang, or personal favorite Surly Duff. Maybe Baxter is holding on to a few so that he can add them if some other super fan gets 204 Simpsons tattoos.

While we don't think that Baxter's record will be challenged any time soon, there is another record holder that might be up to the task. Lee Weir, a man from New Zealand, holds the record for most tattoos of the same cartoon character. Bet you can guess which character Weird has 41 tattoos of, yep, Homer Simpson.

Tip of that hat to you, Mr. Baxter. We applaud you on the most cromulent decision to dedicate your back to our favorite fictional city. If you like The Simpsons almost as much as Baxter does we recommend you check out this gallery of tattoos. 

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