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Punch Up Your Morning Coffee

Waking up sucks. In fact, the only thing that makes mornings remotely tolerable is a nice, hot cup of coffee to help shake the cobwebs out of your head. You can make that coffee even better by punching it up a little bit—with the "Fisticup" Coffee Mug by Inked.

The days of people asking you stupid questions in the morning will be over with today's InkedShop Product of the Day. No one wants to anger a person who has a knuckle duster attached to their coffee mug. The "Fisticup" is the most hardcore way to start your morning and a sure way to make sure that people leave you alone until you are good and ready to deal with them.

INKEDSHOP.COM has the "Fisticup" and many other coffee mugs that allow you to have a little attitude while taking in your morning joe. The "Have a Nice Day" Mug by Sik World allows you to give people a subtle "fuck you" while they think none the wiser. Of course, if subtlety isn't your thing the "Fuck You" Mug by Sik World spells your feelings toward the world out. The "One Crazy Bitch" Giant Mug by Black Label not only lets people know who they are messing with but it also holds a whopping 22 ounces of caffeinated goodness.

If you want to punch up your morning routine head over to INKEDSHOP.COM and get yourself a "Fisticup" Coffee Mug by Inked or any of the other hilarious coffee mugs that we have available.

brass knuckles coffee mug

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: "Fisticup" Coffee Mug