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Real-Life Peter Pan and Wendy Live Happily Ever After

Andrew and Hali Ducote have managed to live every fairy tale romance a couple could dream. High school sweethearts? Check. Love story like the movies? Check. A (FREE) perfect wedding? Check.

The couple began dating when they were classmates in 2005 before performing as Peter Pan and Wendy in Disneyland, California. Seven years later, on February 14, 2012 (because no other date would do, of course), Andrew Ducote proposed to Hali before marrying her that June–they won their Perfect Wedding in a contest on 104.3 MYFM. Having won the contest, the couple was to be married in exactly one week's time, and just like that, Peter Pan finally grew up.

Their Happily-Ever-After has yielded thousands of fans, known as #DucoteCoyotes, probably because they are the greatest people ever. Once upon a trip to Disneyland, a young girl set out to find Peter Pan (played by Andrew at the time); she idolized the boy that never wanted to grow up and told him that he was her hero. It was then that he noticed she was self-harming, as he saw cuts on her arms. Peter Pan told her, "No, no, you have battle scars! You must have fought off a lot of stinky pirates. You, Princess, are MY hero!" He then bowed, kissed her hand, and gave her a big hug before whispering into her ear, "You're beautiful. Please stop."

Unfortunately, the two don't work as Peter Pan and Wendy at Disneyland anymore, but their real life still seems like quite the fairy tale. They welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Cadence Joy, into the world on July 28, 2015, who by the way has a wardrobe packed with adorable pink clothes. Based on their adventurous and comical Snapchat stories, their daily life in California is like a late night sitcom. They're big Dapper Day goers too and plan on taking baby Cadence to the next event.

Watch the video below to see their fairy tale wedding and check out the funny and inspiring Peter Pan GIFs in the gallery.