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Real Skulls and Skull Tattoos Collide in Brooklyn at America’s Creepiest Flea Market


All the weirdness money can buy!

It’s a chilly Sunday morning in early April. A line forms at the mouth of an old polish catering hall. The cue of people are not who'd you expect to be up this early on a weekend morning. Unless of course they were returning from a long night of xxx. Goths commiserate with hipsters and academics chat with punk rockers. Many of the conversations revolve around the aquisitions and uncovering of items that are best described as macabre and bizarre. Skulls and pickled pig fetuses. Antique medical instruments and Christmas cards from serial killers. The clock strikes 11 and the doors open. A organized and focused line of excited guests enter the building. The sunlight of the morning disappears as you step into the shadows of the building’s main ballroom.

This is the X annual event put together by Ryan and Regina Matthew Cohn, a husband and wife duo who look as though they stepped out of a Victorian era Vogue magazine. For those of you not lucky enough to attend we will give you a quick look at what you may see and some items you may wish you had never seen. Welcome to the Oddities Flea Market

Ryan Matthew Cohn & Regina Marie Cohn

RYAN AND REGINA - Your Hosts for the evening

Photo via Ryan Matthew Cohn