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Rebel Rebel! You Must See Ireland Baldwin's New Ink

Talk about ch-ch-changes! Ireland Baldwin already has numerous tattoos but this young American is always eager to add more. She debuted her latest piece at New York Fashion Week and it makes us want to dance our magic dance with our favorite China Girl. The tattoo is a portrait of Ziggy Stardust and is certainly no space oddity. In fact, we think the ink would be the perfect accessory for life on Mars, even when Baldwin is in her golden years.

In case you weren't already tipped off by the numerous references in the opening paragraph, the tattoo is a portrait of singer David Bowie by Jon Boy of West 4 Tattoo. The subtle portrait of the Starman will surely drive all the young dudes in Suffragette City crazy. Even if Bowie is famously afraid of Americans, he'll be dancing in the street when he sees Baldwin's new ink.

Oh, you pretty things, enough digressions. You want to see the tattoo, it's in the gallery below. We consider both Baldwin and Jon Boy heroes for delighting us with this Bowie portrait. Enjoy.

*I consider myself to be Queen Bitch for managing to work in 16 Bowie song titles into this piece, 17 if you count this sentence. Did you find them all?