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This Remarkable 3D Tattoo Will Leave You Staring Into the Void


We challenge you to look at this tattoo without starting to feel a little dizzy. Go ahead, really look at it. Stare right into the darkness in the middle. Crazy, right?

This amazing 3D tattoo is the work of Russia's Ilya "Cascad" Kandurov. Kandurov is a specialist in dotwork and this is not the first one of his tattoos that has raised eyebrows for looking almost impossible. A similarly checkered elbow tattoo (which can be seen in the gallery below) also gives the viewer the impression that there is a hole within the man's arm.

We've seen a lot of amazing 3D tattoos, but this back piece stands out for the sheer size of it. If even one of the squares was a little bit off it would ruin the flowing motion of the entire piece, your eye would no longer be drawn to the middle the way that it currently is. In the same vein, if every part of the middle wasn't perfectly blacked out there would be no void to stare into in the first place.

If you are having any questions about whether or not this tattoo is authentic watch the Instagram video below to see Kandurov working on the piece. And in the gallery at the bottom of the page you can see some more of the very talented artist's work.