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Revenge on Baby Eating Python Proves Big Mistake!

Prey or Predator?

Snakes are some of the most feared and misunderstood animals by humans on the planet. Granted some of the apprehension towards these slithering creatures is justified, many are potentially very dangerous harboring sharp fangs that can inject highly lethal toxins and others so big and strong that they can kill a man or beast by suffocating them to death and then actually devouring the body whole with their enormously wide jaws.

So, it comes to know surprise that when a giant python made its way into this small Nigerian village the townspeople were alarmed. To make matters worse the python had an incredibly large and distended middle section — it had obviously just killed and eaten something large!

The people of this village have lost livestock and even children to these predators and quickly panic swept the crowd. The cries to kill the beast rang out!

 Photo via Mirror

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