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Reverse Graffiti

Surfing through the inter webs always leads us to the most interesting and unusual findings. Today while we ventured through, we found an article about an eco-mural in Poland. According to the article at, a Polish Energy Group has hired a group of artists and workers to wash off layers of grime off the Solina Dam wall using a pressure washer. They are not cleaning the entire wall, in fact they have decided to try a "reverse graffiti" mural that features native organisms to that region of Poland and is eco-friendly. While this single article is mind blowing, we decided to surf a little more. Who knew that reverse graffiti would be so popular? Not only is this form of art taking over dam walls, but also on cars, street signs, and sides of buildings! We put a list together of the craziest reverse graffiti from around the world, check it out below.