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How Did Rex Ryan Update his Jets Tattoo?

All but a very select few NFL coaches stay with the same team for a long time so it's wise not to get too many attachments to the job. As a member of one of the first families of NFL coaches one would think that Rex Ryan would have understood the transient nature of his profession of choice. But he went and got a Jets tattoo anyway....

Ryan was fired after spending six years with the Jets. In those six years he collected a lot of mementos—two AFC Championship Game appearances, a ton of sweater vests of varying sizes and one tattoo of his wife dressed only in a Mark Sanchez jersey. Now that Ryan is coaching a division rival, the Buffalo Bills, it was time to clean house.

First, Ryan donated all of his Jets gear to the Salvation Army. Next, he had to do something with the tattoo. One could argue that Ryan was in need of a coverup once Sanchez left the team for Philadelphia, but now that he is in Buffalo something absolutely needed to be done. The easiest possible solution? Turn that Jets green into Bills blue.

Tattooist Ben Verhoek of Old Town Ink in Scottsdale, AZ, had the pleasure of inking Ryan last week. At first, Verhoek didn't realize that he was tattooing the new coach of the Bills. As the session went on the artist realized whose arm he was working on, according to a video on theWall Street Journal

Hopefully for his tattoo's sake this will be the last of Ryan's coaching gigs since it'll be awfully hard to change the color of the jersey a second time. If he were to only take the into account what can be done with the tattoo Ryan's future job choices would be limited to teams with dark blue or black jerseys.

We haven't been able to get a clear look at the tattoo yet but we're guessing that Ryan's wife was pleased with her "change of clothes" on the tattoo. What we're really curious is what Colton Schmidt—the Bills punter and owner of the #6 jersey—things about his coach's tattoo.

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