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RG3 Called Out For New Tattoo

Joe Theismann Calls Out RG3 for His New Tattoo Dedicated to Girlfriend Grete Sadeiko

RG3 arm tattoo

Cleveland Browns quarterback Robert Griffin III got a tattoo in honor of his new girlfriend, Grete Sadeiko, and Joe Theismann, sports commentator and former quarterback for the Washington Redskins, was quick to voice his opinion on the ink, which he believes should have been put off until Griffin’s divorce from his wife, Rebecca Liddicoat, was final. The tattoo in question is inked on the outside of RG3’s right forearm, and reads “Grete Sadeiko” in an elegant script font, an obvious tribute to the 23-year-old track star who has apparently been dating the quarterback for about a month.

Robert Griffin III and Grete Sadeiko have reportedly had a somewhat hush-hush relationship on social media during the past month or so, and were recently spotted holding hands, but no one had any idea that the relationship had gotten serious until the quarterback was spotted with a new tattoo of Sadeiko’s name on his arm. It was the eagle-eyed crew at TMZ who broke the news on RG3’s new tattoo, and according to sources, the ink was done at a Cleveland tattoo shop just last month.

During a Brown and Scoop podcast, Joe Theismann was asked about Griffin’s tattoo, and the Super Bowl champion QB had this to say about the ink: “No, I haven’t seen any of that. I knew Robert, and his wife and his daughter when he was here. I just found out yesterday that I guess he’s separated. I don’t know anything about putting a tattoo. […] Probably not the best thing in the world to do at some point in time because if you find another [girlfriend], she’s not gonna appreciate the other woman tattooed all over your body.” He then pointed out the poor timing of RG3’s tattoo, saying, “You’re not even divorced yet. If you look at Robert’s history of things occurring in rapid fashion, that’s the way he’s been.”

As far as RG3’s new girlfriend, Florida State heptathlete Grete Sadeiko, goes, she also reportedly got a tattoo during the same session at the Cleveland shop, but it remains unclear what design the 23-year-old opted for. It’s possible that Grete returned the favor and got a tattoo of RG3’s name inked on her right wrist, but this hasn’t been confirmed. The issue here, is that Robert Griffin III is still married to his wife, his college sweetheart and the mother of his baby daughter, although they are apparently separated. Earlier this month, TMZ reported that RG3 was having a tough time with his separation from Liddicoat, whom he married in 2013, but is working through it with the support of his family and friends…and apparently Grete Sadeiko.

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