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Ripping Farts and Breaking Hearts with Wee Man


The Winter X Games were in full effect this past weekend in Aspen, and Monster Energy gave us an all access VIP pass to soak in all the snow, action sports, music and Monster we could handle. From starting the day with story time with Jason "Wee Man" Acuña, to an illegal ride-along through the streets of Aspen with legendary Monster-sponsored rally car driver Ken Block, and all the bad decisions and open bar events in between, its safe to say Monster Energy showed us a good time.

To get things started we sat down with Jason "Wee Man" Acuña, famed Jackass prankster and Monster-sponsored skateboarder, who filled us in on his latest tattoo, success of his taco joint and what he's been up to when he's not listening to Sabbath or "ripping farts and breaking hearts." On the list of his favorite recent pranks happened during a trip with Monster to visit the troops at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. He told us, "I'll walk in on these guys who are injured and stuff and I'll be like, 'You know what? This is the most vulnerable position you could put yourself in, and I'm about to teabag you.' And the initial look on their face is priceless. And then I'll walk up to them, pull out a tea bag and hold it right above their head and take a picture."

Next it was off to Buttermilk mountain to check out the XGames action on the Superpipe where, later in the weekend, Monster snowboarder Chloe Kim would become the youngest athlete to win an X Games gold.

Luckily we didn't have to worry about surviving the cold, thanks to our VIP access to the Monster Energy hangout tower where we headed to grab some complimentary cocktails, and heat, and pregame before the Snoop Dogg concert. Because there's no better place to hear the famously pro-pot rapper instruct fans to "smoke weed every day" than in Aspen, where you actually can, legally.

After an evening of pizza, Moscow Mules and X-box we met freestyle skiier, Josiah "Jossi" Wells bright and early to talk about Harley's, fashion and hip-hop. Then jumped into a Ford F-150 RaptorTRAX with driving legend Ken Block, who took us around the streets of Aspen to live every 12-year old boys dream of riding around in a big-ass truck with tank treads for tires.


But the best tattoo chat had to be with Devin Logan, Olympic Silver medal skiier and a big fan of black and grey. She gave us the details behind her work, what it means to her and how it has helped her kick ass as a competitive skiier. Logan got her first tattoo, a mountain range with the quote "Don't Fear the Journey" at 18. The significance behind the snowy mountain range is pretty obvious. The quote, however, came after she blew out her knee before intending to compete in the Sochi Olympics.

“Life flashed before my eyes," she says. "This is my take on dealing with whatever life has to give you. In skiing, injuries happen and you just have to roll with the punches. And in life, things happen that you aren't planning on. You can't be afraid, you just gotta do it." She says she plans for a half-sleeve, and hopes to add some more winter-themed tattoos to go with her mountains, compass and motivational quotes to ensure she keeps killin' it on the slopes.

Monster topped off the weekend with their Top of the World Party at the peak of Aspen Mountain. One semi-drunk, semi-terrifying gondola ride later, and we were blessed with an endless supply of Monster Energy drinks, DJs, Monster girls, a live performance by Tyga and a damn good time to finish off an awesome XGames weekend.