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Rita Ora & Chris Brown Put Their Tattoos On Full Display in New Video

Rita Ora and Chris Brown got very touchy-feely in her latest music video for "Body on Me," as in ink-on-ink action. The steamy short dropped on August 18 and follows the two as they flood their dimly-lit apartment building elevator with sexual tension. But their eyeing for one another can only last so long before going their separate ways.

As Ms. Ora shuts her apartment door, the pop-star teases her British curves in a white belly T-shirt and Daisy Dukes, making us wait until 1:31 for shots of her gorgeous side boob ink. Perhaps the sexiest coverage of the whole video is the British flag Ora wraps around her chest. That or her red patent leather thigh highs–we can't decide.

As for Brown, he forgoes his tank altogether at the 1:14 mark, putting his abs and chest tattoos on full display. The story can't end with closed doors, though. Brown's lust gets the best of him as he finds himself at his window peeking at the hot blonde girl-next-door.

Now, of course, their hormones take over the two of them and as Ora unwraps her goods from British pride the neighbors make their way to one another, finally living out the fantasies that have been taking up space inside their head. But we won't spoil the ending, see for yourself whether or not they end up together, plus there are plenty of steamy stills to check out in the gallery.

As for Ora's tattoos, the ballerina inked on Ora's forearm as well as the beauty on her ribs are the product of who else but celebrity tattooist Keith "Bang Bang" McCurdy.

Rita starts her month-long U.S. tour on August 25; maybe her video co-star will join her at a show or two.