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Roc the Vote

Jay-Z and Beyonce are arguably one of the most well known power couples in the media and don’t need an over-hyped wedding in Italy to prove it. Instead the pair has turned their focus towards their upcoming tour together, the On the Run Tour. Kicking off this summer, the tour will mark the setting for this year’s HeadCount distribution of Get Out the Vote (GOTV) postcards. GOTV is an effort to remind American adults that come November they all have a say in elections. This year Jay and Queen Bey will have postcards designed by Freshly Inked’s own cover artist, Luke Wessman, to be distributed at all of their tour stops over the summer. Wessman is an esteemed American Traditional tattoo artist who has worked all over the world including New York, Miami, and London and even owns his own clothing brand, Self Made, inspired by the SoCal lifestyle. As a huge Jay-Z fan himself, he created a postcard design both promoting the #GoVote mentality and representing the rapper by depicting a ballot in hands forming Jay’s infamous triangular roc symbol. Concert attendees who receive one of these postcards can sign it and have the card mailed back to them right before voting begins in order to remind them of their right. All summer you can get your own Wessman postcard by attending the On the Run Tour or tours featuring the likes of Kings of Leon, Dave Matthews Band, Phish and many more top-notch acts promoting GOTV.