Not All Roses Are Red


Timur Lysenko is an incredible tattoo artist known for his minimalist modern sketch work art which he beautifully incorporates into his take on photo realism in his tattoos. Based in Poland, Lysenko offers a unique and instantly recognizable style that is helping to further the boundaries of tattooing each and every day.

Take a look at this gorgeous flower tattoo by Lysenko above. His bold use of the color pink to bring about this realistic rose may be the most noticeable thing about the tattoo, but his decision to pair it with black sketch work leaves and flowers is what brings this piece to the front of the innovational line. The high contrasts between intense detail and discreet minimalism creates a fun, feminine, and lightweight aesthetic carried throughout the entire piece.

Upon closer observation, one will see that Lysenko also included some fun dot work into the piece as most of the black work's shading is used through dot work and pointillism. Overall the piece feels very much like a classic Dada art form, and we bet if the rose was rendered in red it would read very much like the signature European trash polka style.

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Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Women's "Frozen" Scoop Neck Tee by Black Market Art