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Ruby Rose and Justin Bieber Compare Ink

Just last week Ruby Rose damn near gave us a heart attack when she posted pictures of herself without any tattoos to her Instagram. Once again her Instagram has everyone in the Inked office talking but for a completely different reason—she was comparing her ink with the one and only Justin Bieber.

For years people have joked that the Australian actress and the Canadian pop star must be related since they bare a striking similarity to each other. While we have our doubts that their is any sort of genetic connection between the two stars there is one thing that makes them both interesting to us—their tattoos. Late Sunday night, or more accurately very early Monday morning, Rose posted a picture of Bieber taking a good close look at the tattoos on her arm.

Earlier in the evening Rose posted a picture of herself, Bieber and John Shahidi with the caption, "@Johnny, me and... I dunno, some up and coming artist."

What we can gather from the pictures is that tattoos were a major topic of conversation Sunday night. In order to give you the feeling of being a fly on the wall during the meeting between Rose and Bieber we've created this gallery showing off their tattoos. Browse through and try and decide whose ink you prefer.