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Ruby Rose Removed All of Her Tattoos

For an Instagram stunt, Ruby Rose had makeup artist Toby Fleischman cover up her sleeves, neck tattoos and more and shared a photo of the results on Instagram yesterday, "Something is missing and I can't quite put my finger on it!"

Now the question is, why was her ink hiding behind makeup? Could a new role be in the works for the Orange Is the New Black star? Perhaps it truly is just an experiment, perhaps not. In her not-so-great fake southern accent Rose said, "Ladies and gentlemen today I decided to see what I would look like if I didn't have no tattoos. Well that's a very weird lookin' situation I got goin' on right there. *scream*"

We kind of screamed too. Of course she is still gorgeous without ink, but seeing Rose without her tattoos is like seeing a person without a belly button. However, Rose has been in the process of actually removing some of her tattoos since May. Thankfully for fans of her ink it is not a full-body removal and only a select few. Back in 2010 the incredibly sexy Australian told Inked she couldn't bare the pain of getting tattooed, urging her to drink "Lots and lots of whiskey!" We're guessing the laser treatment is making her crave the same medicine.

Check out Rose with and without tattoos below. Which look do you prefer?