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Sailor Jerry Meets David Lynch in These Twin Peaks Pinups

Most fans of the cult-classic TV series Twin Peaks will likely admit that they had little to no idea of what was actually going on in the show. Hell, the show's creator David Lynch might also have been a bit lost. The one thing that is undeniable is that the show was filled with memorable characters, the kind of characters that people might want to get tattooed. Emma Munger, an artist based out of San Francisco, created classic style flash sheets depicting many of the show's idiosyncratic characters as pinup models.


Munger drew amazing pinup art of characters ranging from Laura Palmer (around whose murder the series revolves) to the mysterious mystic known as the Log Lady. The art will clearly get fans of Twin Peaks fired up for the shows revival scheduled for 2016.


As a fan of all sorts of pop culture, Munger has also given the Sailor Jerry treatment to characters from TV shows like Parks and Recreation,Orange is the New Black and movies including The Princess Bride, and Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Check out some more of here work in the gallery below.