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Sailor Jerry & INKED Celebrate Norman Collins' 107th Birthday in Style

Drink Sailor Jerry Responsibly

In 1911, Norman Keith Collins, also known as Sailor Jerry, was born. Collins is known as one of the most influential and prominent tattoo artists in history—making his mark on thousands of sailors who passed through Honolulu's infamous hotel street. He helped shape the emerging American counterculture through tattooing—by forming artistic relationships with Horis, masters of Japanese tattooing, and bringing their techniques to the Americas. Through this exchange of culture during a time of heated international conflict, he was able to develop an art style that blending East Asian methodology with the imagery of early Americana. As the years went on, tattooing began to spread to the mainland and eventually the world, with Collins eventually passing on his legacy to fellow icons of the industry, Mike Malone, Zeke Owens and Don Ed Hardy. Today, Collins is not only celebrated through the iconic flash he created over one hundred years ago, but also through a rum brand that strives to further immortalize the icon.

First established by Hardy and Malone in 1999, Sailor Jerry Ltd. is a spiced rum that captures the unapologetic charisma of the tattoo legend, by paying respect to both tradition and rebellion. Their brand allows millions worldwide to know the man who turned tattooing on it's head—letting his story live on for decades to come. In honor of his 107th birthday, we were given the opportunity to learn more about the ink slinging icon and enjoy some of the signature cocktails of Sailor Jerry along the way. Take a look at just a few of the ways Sailor Jerry spiced rum can enhance your cocktail experience and let us know your favorite way to drink Sailor Jerry on Facebook. Be sure to check out the second half of trip, which highlights our tattoo tour of the National History Museum of Los Angeles and features the legendary Oliver Peck.

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