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Samsung's Stunning Galaxy Tab S Tablet

The brand-new Samsung Galaxy Tab S* is so impressive that it manages to wow users even before it is turned on; the tablet is so light that it feels like you are holding nothing at all. Measuring in with a height of only 0.259 inches one really has to marvel at how thin the device is, that height explains how the larger model weighs in at just over a pound. This is not to say that we were only impressed by how lightweight the tablet is, but it really is noticeably different than anything we have encountered in the past.

Once the tablet is powered up it quickly proves that Samsung didn’t skimp on performance in order to make the device smaller. The screen, which is undeniably the most important part of a tablet, is breathtaking. Every color on the screen is crisp and the clarity of the picture, even when streaming movies, is fantastic.

The audio for music and movies is exactly what you would expect from a tablet. By that we mean that it gets loud enough to enjoy for your own personal use but don’t plan on cranking it up for a party. When the sound is being played at a reasonable volume it is crisp and excellent. A very minor drawback is that the speakers are placed on the sides in an area that is very comfortable to place your fingers on when holding the tablet, so it will take a little adapting to avoid muffling the sound.

Seriously, look how thin the tablet is. It's amazing!

Seriously, look how thin the tablet is. It's amazing!

One of our favorite features on the tablet was the camera. Check that, the cameras. The Galaxy Tab S is armed with an 8-megapixel camera on the back and a 2.1-megapixel front facing camera. Unlike many tablets there is an LED flash accompanying the back facing camera. Once you have shot your photos they can be easily edited on screen.

While the tablet does seem to take a while to charge it holds a charge tremendously thanks to the 7,9000 mAh battery capacity. In other words, you’re not going to have to worry about it dying only half way through your cross-country flight.

As with all Samsung tablets there are a myriad of apps available to enhance your enjoyment and there are sure to be many more rolling out in the months to come.

It is clear that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S is one of the premier tablets on the market. If you want to find out all about it firsthand check out this link:

* The tablet is available in sizes of 10.5" and 8.4". We only got a chance to get our hands on the 10.5" model so this review pertains to that version of the device.