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Sara X Speaks on the Ills of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery today is seen as normal as piercing your ears or getting a tattoo. Everyone from Hollywood celebs to your auntie from the big city has gone under the knife at some point in their lives to modify or enhance some part of their bodies. While most times the surgeries produce positive outcomes, there are times when plastic surgery stories end horribly with botched results, health problems and, at times, even death.

Model and social media personality Sara X Mills—a.k.a. SaraOnTheInternet—had plastic surgery to enhance the size of breasts. Although her new ample-sized breasts brought about plenty of attention and positive feedback, eventually the tattooed model became ill due to complications stemming from her new implants. Deciding to rid herself of the pain and agony that came with her implants, Mills decided to remove them, and now wears her surgical scars proudly often displaying them on her Instagram feed to tell the tale of her horrid experience.

Flip through the slideshow to read about what Sara X Mills had to say about her experience with plastic surgery.