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Sasha Unisex Helps Reinvent the Temporary Tattoo

Once reserved for concerts, children's birthday parties, and grocery store vending machines, the temporary tattoo has recently taken a fresh approach to non-permanent ink. The online shop Tattoo You offers temporary tattoos designed by world famous tattoo artists. One of those artists, Sasha Unisex, has recently teamed up with the company to create temporary tattoos that mimic her iconic watercolor style and feminine color palette.

"I really like the idea as a temporary tattoo can be made by anyone," Unisex says in an interview with Tattoo You. "That's the real catch for those who are afraid or just don't want to get a real one. You can decorate yourself for the beach, photo, or a party, experimenting with different artworks. That's fun!" Unisex's tattoos are the kind of unique works of art that so few people are able to decorate their bodies with but temporary tattoos allow for anyone to have a little piece of her magic for a short time. These temporary tattoos allow for people who may not have access to Moscow based Unisex to wear her work and at $10 a tattoo they're a fraction of the price of the real deal. Not to mention that they will be delivered to your home, you needn't trek to Moscow.

Other artists have partnered with Tattoo You, from La Ink star Dan Smith, Japanese specialist Dean Sacred, and American Traditional master Tim Beck, just to name a few. What makes this brand of temporary tattoos truly unique from some of the competition is that they work with the styles and authenticity of real and acclaimed artists to promote legitimacy for their products. These tattoos look like real tattoos because they are crafted and designed by real tattoo artists who have perfected their craft for years, the designs aren't generated by computers thus resulting in unconvincing dupes of original art. They're drawn out and insured by artists who know the ins and outs of what makes a spectacular tattoo and now anyone can get the chance to wear their work for a few days.