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Scott Campbell Inks Romantic Couples For Free... With a Catch

One of the most revered tattoo artists in the industry, Scott Campbell, has come up with a new niche—free tattoos for people willing to take a massive risk. Last November Campbell was part of an art exhibit that dared people to stick their arm through a hole to be tattooed with no knowledge whatsoever of what the artist would be permanently inking into their body. Now Campbell is taking on one of the most contentious topics in tattooing, the name tattoo, as he offers free ink to courageous couples willing to take the leap and tattoo their significant other's name into their skin.

Tattoo artists divide themselves into two camps when it comes to name tattoos; some think that they are a great romantic gesture, others have done so many coverups they have soured on the idea and consider them to be jinxed. From the opening seconds of the video below you will see that Campbell is clearly in the former category. The video was shot by Steven Sebring for Vogueand it follows the tattoo artist as he gets to know each of the couples before giving them their tattoos. Campbell is genuinely interested in the tales of how these couples got together and what makes them confident enough to proclaim their love forever with a tattoo.

"A lot of people have the misconception that to be stoic and reserved is strength," Campbell says in the video. "The reality is that there is nothing more powerful than someone who is not afraid to fall in love and not afraid to give themselves completely. If you can do that, if you can fall in love without fear or hesitation, you are invincible."

Campbell is clearly the type to go all in with love, as evidenced by the multiple different names he has had tattooed into his own body. From Sarah to Anna to Julia and beyond, Campbell gives a tour of the names that once meant so much but are now covered by other tattoos. It's inspiring to see that someone who has clearly been bit by the name jinx in the past has walked away completely undeterred.

Check out the video below to see the whole story and maybe this Valentine's Day you'll head to your local artist and get some ink of your own.

Le challenge spécial Saint-Valentin de Scott...par VOGUEPARIS

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