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Scotty Sire is an American comedian, YouTuber and former Viner. He was born and raised in Newport Beach, California, and moved to LA for 6 months where he lived with fellow Viner, Gary Rojas. Sire's mother is Lebanese and his father is Irish, and admitted in a YouTube post that he was extremely shy and self-conscious as a child.

Scotty Sire's first job was in construction with his father, his second job was as a bartender. However after crossing 1.5 million follower mark on Vine, he had left his print on the internet world, posting honest approaches to dating, and other aspects of living in your 20s.

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After Vine died in 2016, were you worried that your career was also dead?

At that point, I think I’d already started making some YouTube videos and I wasn’t making very much money, but I saw potential in it. However, when I saw it was truly dwindling out, I said, ‘What am I going to do? I might have to move back home and be a bartender again.’

What is the Vlog Squad?

The vlog squad was started by David, and what he did was something kind of revolutionary in the YouTube world. He took the idea of making a daily Vlog, but then instead of making it a vlog about his life, he made it a vlog about other people's lives. And since he had plenty of other big personalities, like Zane, Liza and Elton, he was able to throw them into these comedy sketches.


If you had to give each member of the Squad a superlative, what would they be?

Liza and David would be ‘Most Likely to Succeed,’ Zane would be ‘Class Clown,’ Heath would be ‘Most Likely to Get in Trouble,’ and I would be something about being sad.

Has the Vlog Squad experienced challenges creating content since moving out of your house?

The vlog squad has experienced problems creating content since we started vlogging.


What does ‘too much Scotty’ mean and why do you think it became a running joke?

I have such a hard time remembering how ‘too much Scotty’ came about, but I think it had something to do with me being really boring on camera. It was a joke where I would say something that wasn't funny, a dad joke or I took a joke too far. They would always cut me of the video and people started commenting ‘too much scotty.’

In addition to vlogging, you’ve also launched a rap career. What made you decide to pursue a career in music?

Well, here’s the tea, I always thought I had a beautiful voice. *laughs* No, my friend Fitz produced my first song and I went to help him out with a video and he's like, ‘You can actually rap. You're good at this.’ And then we ended up making a song, and the song is my most viewed YouTube video. So, I started to take it more seriously. It's a lot of fun to do and I don't want to be stuck only making vlogs, if I can create something that I'm actually passionate about.


What’s your first tattoo, your favorite tattoo and your most recent tattoo?

I got my first tattoo when I was 18 and was still in high school. It’s a huge bear on my side, which has a four-leaf clover, a CD eyepatch, a fish with legs, an anchor and a chain that says ‘The Kids Want Techno,’ on it. My favorite tattoo has always been the messed up smiley face on my stomach that turned into the Cheshire Cat. My most recent tattoo is a piece I got in Thailand.

What’s up next for Scotty Sire?

I’m releasing an album in September. Right now, I’m on tour with the Vlog Squad and I hope that once that finishes and I release my album, I can go on my own tour.