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Inked Online Exclusive: Seasick Mama

Seasick Mama releases her new EP Tip Top Shape today, here is our exclusive chat and photo shoot with the sultry singer.

INKED: Your earlier EP release "Dead like Money," has a title that sets a motif of darkness that continues throughout your lyrics. Today's release is entitled “Tip Top Shape.” Is this title insight towards a more lyrically uplifting EP?

SEASICK MAMA: "Tip Top Shape" has a more uplifting tone. The music is brighter and I have more control over my voice and delivery. Lyrically, there is still a darkness that comes naturally in everyone’s life.

What three words would you use to describe your new EP?

Sexy, Free, Vibes

The music video for Man Overboardwas an impressive performance. How would you describe your experience working with Jay Bulger?

Jay Bulger is an extremist. He always has extravagant ideas, and everything is possible to him and that's why I wanted to work with Jay. He exudes a confidence that transcends into his work as a director. The concept he had for "Man Overboard" was so out there—I don't think either of us really knew what the video was about until we started making it. I have the internal feeling that Jay will be in my life forever, making cameos here and there throughout my musical journey.

Your lyrics often use references to water, does this motif transcend into “Tip Top Shape?”

I actually never realized that I made reference to water that much, but now that I think of it… Seasick Mama is a reference, "Man Overboard" is too and I use the word "drowning", "waterfalls"… So I guess there is a bit of a pattern. It’s a subconscious decision…

How did the name Seasick Mama come to be?

It's a lyric from a Neil Young song, "For The Turnstiles"… A Seasick Mama is a sailor’s wife, the queen bee,the boss.

Are there any female singer/songwriters you find inspirational?

Currently, it's Laura Marling. She wrote this song called "Love Be Brave" and I really can't stop listening to it.

Do you have any hobbies/projects that you do on the side of Seasick Mama?

I like to take pictures. I was taking a lot of photos before I found music.

And you look fantastic in photos. What influenced you to get your sleeve?

I wanted to know what forever felt like.

Stream the album here:

Seasick Mama