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See Liam Payne's New Tattoo by Nikko Hurtado

One Direction’s Liam Payne stopped in to see tattoo artist Nikko Hurtado of the Black Anchor Collective in Hesperia, California this week, and the singer left with a massive new half-sleeve tattoo on his forearm featuring a pocket watch and gears. Apparently Hurtado had no idea who he was working on at first, and when he posted a photo on Instagram of himself and Liam Payne, he wrote, “Hey sometimes I don’t know who my clients are until after my daughter flips out about it. Was an honor tattooing @fakeliampayne the last few days.”

Payne’s new tattoo features a clock or pocket watch inked in black and white on his forearm and forever stopped at 11:56, with a smaller second-hand clock embedded in the larger clock and stopped at 11 seconds. The pocket watch in Liam’s arm tattoo is surrounded by a series of large and small gears or cogs, which reach from the middle of his forearm down to his wrist. In the photo Hurtado posted on Instagram, you can see some purple markings on Liam’s arm, which gives the impression that there is still work to be done on the tattoo design.

During the same tattoo session that resulted in Payne’s half-sleeve, Hurtado also “reworked” the tattoo on his left hand, which originally held a cluster of black and gray roses many speculated was inked in honor of his new girlfriend, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, formerly Cheryl Cole. The singer has yet to reveal the new design of his hand tattoo, but we’re guessing it’s something that he can eventually work into a full sleeve.

liam payne half sleeve1

According to Hurtado, the tattoo artist “did a rework on [Liam’s] hand and started something new on his forearm.” He also called Liam a “tough dude” and said he “sat like a champ” throughout what must have been a painful series of tattoo sessions. In a second Instagram post, Hurtado revealed the actual design of Liam Payne’s half-sleeve tattoo, writing, “What I started yesterday on @fakeliampayne. Still need work, top watch is just laid out not complete yet. Fun tattoo and fun sleeve to start. Can’t wait for the next sitting.”

Apparently Payne’s tattoo, however large already, isn’t finished, and it’s anybody’s guess what other designs he will work into the half-sleeve. Liam is no stranger to large, bold tattoos—take a look at his huge chevron arm tattoo if you don’t believe us—and late last year, the singer began working on a half-sleeve piece on his right arm, complete with a skull and roses tattoo, a Roman numeral design, a piece with stars and feathers, and an eagle on the back of his hand. We can’t wait to find out if Liam plans to go back under the needle for two full sleeves!

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