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Have You Seen Kyrie Irving's 'Friends' Tattoo?


Even though Cleveland Cavalier point guard Kyrie Irving has been sidelined from the 2015 NBA finals after he fractured his kneecap in game one of the series, his name is still popping up in headlines. This time it's not for anything he's done on the court, but for something he's done on his skin.

At a press conference on Wednesday, GQ contributor Jack Moore noticed a tattoo on Irving's left arm that's usually covered by a sleeve when the player is on the court. Moore posted a picture of the tattoo of the logo from the hit 90's sitcom "Friends" and wrote, "Kyrie Irving has a Friends tattoo. I guess when you love Ross and Rachel, you really love Ross and Rachel."

Irving—who has more than a dozen tattoos including his last name with wings on his leg and his mother's name with angel wings and a halo over his heart—responded on his Instagram with the quote "How many of us have them," from the 1984 Whodini song, along with his defense for the tattoo: "I mean what can I say lol I'm a fan of the show."

"Friends" aired from 1994 until 2004, in other words, from when Irving was two years old until he was twelve years old. The pro baller was either a pretty mature kid with a pop culture sensibility that was way ahead of his time, or he became a fan through the show's syndication. Either way, props to Irving for inking his respect for the show.

Flip through the gallery below to see the tattoo and photos of Irving's other tattoos.