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#SelfieDad Recreates Tattooed Daughter's Sexy Selfies

Here is an embarrassing dad story if you've ever heard one. It recently came to Burr Martin's attention that his teenage daughter frequently posts sexy selfies, where she shows of her chest, arm and stomach tattoos in crop tops and low-cut tees. The 47-year-old Washington native decided not to initially speak with his daughter and request a change in behavior, but to instead recreate her selfies and share them on his social media.

Martin's first recreation was posted at the beginning of May. "So my daughter has been posting sexy selfies of herself and instead of telling her to stop, well, I thought of something better," he captioned the photo. He posted the same photo again at the end of June with the caption, "Took me 3 days to get the ink" (Just a PSA to readers: Don't draw on yourself with Sharpie, it never turns out well.)

You could say his #selfies went viral as he now has more than 16,000 Instagram followers and has caught the attention of the New York Daily News, CBS News, ABC News and The Huffington Post. He also imitated one of Snapchat's most blissful filters which gently lays a leaf crown on the head. Amazingly, Martin managed to capture the beauty of the filter IRL as he crowned himself with a vine of fake green leaves. "My daughter posted another #selfie #nailedit #baddad," he wrote beneath the photo.

He told his followers that although he found his daughter was toning her selfies down after his postings, "He kept it up because sometimes I'm just bored." This is what happened when he decided to have a conversation with his daughter about her pics: "I told her it looked like she was trying to escort Japanese businessmen and to tone it down."

Sir, we've got to hand it to you—your parenting method is rather genius and hilarious.

P.S. Her tattoos are rad!

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