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Send a Text from Your Watch

Samsung GALAXY Note 3+ Gear

Samsung GALAXY Note 3 + Gear

The latest thing to come from the world of Samsung is the brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with its accompanying gear. As typical with the recent smartphones from Samsung, the Note 3 is a pretty big size. At 5.7 inches long, this huge screen may not fit in the typical pocket, but it will help to provide great HD resolution with 386ppi. The phone is equipped with a quad-core processor, 3GB of RAM, and the traditional Samsung S-pen. Though slightly smaller than the previous Note, the Note 3 comes with a faux-leather backing for an easier grip and its very own Bluetooth activated accessory. Each Note 3 welcomes the specially designed gear that proves technology can be a fashion statement. This accessory comes in the shape of a watch, available in a variety of colors and clock faces. It can be used to quickly send texts, take pictures, and check notifications and emails. Though it is only functional when in range of the phone, this new accessory does hold a lot of promise for the upcoming world of mobile technology. All in all, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and is a device worth checking out.