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Serial Poopers Caught…with their pants down!

The Fiends of Feces!

Why? Why? Why? Not once, but habitually! In fact, the culprit, otherwise known as the “poo jogger”, left not 10, not 20, but over 30 doody deposits outside a housing complex in the Greenslopes neighborhood of Brisbane, Australia over the last few months.
Eventually the residents of the housing complex got fed up and decided to catch this Fiend-of-Feces” on their own, so they set up a sting operation.
“One of the neighbors set up a night camera and got a few images and so we had a time he was doing it, so then I decided to go and wait with a camera and I was there a few mornings and then last Friday I got him,” neighbor Steve Smith told

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“There’s a red light which goes on before the camera’s flash goes off and he saw that and looked at me as the photograph was taken,” he said. “Then he just said, ‘Hello.’ At that point, I decided to just walk away.”

The man caught with his pants down was none other than Andrew Douglas Macintosh — an Australian corporate big wig. When it was revealed that Macintosh was the pooper he was only charged with a single count of public nuisance. However, his career went down the toilet.
The 64-year-old was a national quality manager for Aveo, a retirement village property and investment group, and a member of the Brisbane City Council’s Inclusive Board.
“Aveo Group is distressed and disappointed at the alleged incidents concerning Mr. Macintosh. He has tendered his resignation to the company today and is no longer an employee of Aveo Group.

It appears Macintosh is not alone in his penchant for craping in public places. In Ohio a man was serial pooping on cars.

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In Washington there was the woman known as the Mad pooper who was a jogger that crapped along her jogging route on a daily basis.

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The situation got so bad in a Michigan neighborhood that the residents were forced to put up a billboard to help stop a man pooping in children's playgrounds.