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Bert, Ernie, Elmo and More Raise Hell All Over Sesame Street

Elmo, Big Bird, Bert and Ernie—they've all lost their fucking minds. The gang of hairy colorful characters has taken to extreme vandalism, raising hell all over what used to be Sesame Street, now just called The Street. You'd think once on the The Street, you are one with The Street—once a muppet, always a muppet. But they're showing no loyalty as they draw blood battling one another. Bert is knocking out Tully Monster and Kermit is killing Gonzo. Even Tigger, though not one with The Street, is plotting against Pooh Bear in solving the Great Honey Pot Robbery. This is madness.

Conceptual and digital artist Dan Luvisi crafted the hell raisers for one of his many art projects. Check out his clever work below. Did we mention Luvisi gave each character tattoos? #Epic