Here's What You Need to Know About SESTA

Recently, major celebrities including Seth Meyers, Amy Schumer, and Dr Oz have come forward in support of a new bill called SESTA. SESTA, which stands for the Stop Enabling Sex Trafficking Act, would amend section 230 of the Communication Decency Act, which allows for freedom of speech on virtually all online forums. However, while this bill to stop sex trafficking may seem like a no brainer, it has caused widespread controversy on social media. Free speech organizers and public figures across multiple industries have come out against the bill, stating that it could have dangerous consequences if put into law. One of the most vocal communities to speak out against it is sex workers, who believe that SESTA could make their jobs even more dangerous than they already are. Check out the gallery below to learn why sex workers around the country are saying no to SESTA and lend your opinion in the comment section on Facebook.