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The Sexiest American Picker

If you have never seen American Pickers, this may give you a push to turn on the History Channel. One of the newest "trends" amongst old soul Americans is to go digging into forgotten piles of what appears to be junk, and find pieces of American history. Mike and Frank from History Channel's American Pickers, have given people a glimpse of what they do when picking for America's hidden treasures. The focus of the show mainly stays on Mike and Frank during each episode, but there is one more member of the Antiquology team we do not see as much, Danielle Colby. She is seen managing the store fronts and chasing leads for the pickers on the road, but that's not all she does. Danielle also happens to be a tattoo loving, burlesque dancing, free spirited woman who loves to inspire others. Below are just some pictures of her being herself, off camera.