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The Sexiest Inked Girls in Portland


Gallery follows the text.

For years you readers have been telling us that we should visit Portland, that no other town compares in love of ink and chill vibe. Well, we couldn’t ignore the call from the Pacific Northwest and we hopped on a plane for a fun and debaucherous week.

When immersed in Portland you realize that the city has this utopian quality in that it is completely inhabited by freethinking, all-accepting, nice people. Even the vagrants (not the struggling artists but those who will forever be riding the rails) have a friendly demeanor. Be it a sexual proclivity, a political thought, or an all-round outlook on life all are welcome in Portland. The United Nations would be best served to relocate here.

The second thing you notice is the skin. Along with the open-mindedness comes a community in which visual self-expression is celebrated. Before going out in Portland if you put on the weirdest mix of clothing you own, style your hair in a peculiar way, and grab something odd from your girlfriend’s dresser to accessorize with you still won’t be the third most outlandishly decorated person you will encounter that night. With this independence comes an amalgam of creative free spirits who adorn themselves with some of the best ink in the country. Extremely artistic tattooers have had as much to do with making Portland beautiful as the graffiti artists who are aplenty as well. There are plenty of good tattoo shops in the Rose City, the best being Atlas Tattoo Studio, but you can’t flick an American Spirit without hitting a quality shop.

The third thing to catch your eye is more skin. The locals will tell you that they have the most strip clubs per capita in the country, and we tried to hit them all but ran out of time and singles (and two-dollar bills in the case of Casa Diablo). There are hazy memories of Stripperaoke at Devil’s Point, “Tiny Tuesday” (all petite dancers) at Lucky Devil and the super-cute tattooed girls at Union Jacks Club.

From Union Jacks we stumbled to our temporary chic home of the Jupiter Hotel. What was once a motor inn has been transformed into one of the sickest lodgings on the West Coast. Reflecting the diversity of Portland’s art scene, the Jupiter Hotel is an artistic orgasm from the varied room murals to the world-class art gallery to architecture around the property. The clientele couldn’t be chiller and is a mix of the hip kids who are visiting and the local crowd who come to the Doug Fir, the restaurant and venue where you can catch the Afghan Whigs this August. We thought no other place represented the aesthetics and appeal of Portland as best as the Jupiter Hotel and thusly we shot this entire pictorial solely on the property.