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Sexiest Tattooed Cosplayer


Vera Bambi is the nerdy, tattooed dream girl we have been thinking about since we first started dreaming of girls. The self-described "model, cosplayer, nerdy little fangirl, glam guru, vlogger and seductress," it all that and more. She's a must follow across all her social medias, which you can find here. While she isn't covered in ink, Vera Bambi has a sleeve on her left and at least 12 pieces including, “A B S T R A C T” across her knuckles, the Mario Bros' 1UP mushroom on her right palm and from her clavicle to her elbow is, "My favorite tattoo and features gears, a pocket watch and a lot of filigree. The was done by an amazing California artist named Nick Chaboya."

At one point Vera Bambi was attempting to become a tattoo artist and inked at least three pieces on herself. One is the word "focus" on her left index finger. "I tattooed this on myself when I was drunk, I did not use a stencil," she writes. Then she also has "'Daddy' written on my left wrist. A tatty for my daddy. I also tattooed this on myself, this tattoo looks much nicer than my “focus” tattoo."

In the following gallery you will her sexing-up characters from Disney, video games and Saturday morning cartoons.