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Sexually explicit tattoo shocks on UK show... See it here!

In a society where the media is often driven by shock-value it can be difficult to outdo what’s already been seen. After a while one becomes jaded and feels like they have seen it all. Yet, for all intents and purposes the latest episode of the UK showBodyshockers lived up to its name as a 23-year-old man from Bristol got a large back tattoo of himself throwing up deuces as he prepares to go tongue-deep in some anonymous woman’s posterior. Or, as he more eloquently stated on the show, “doing something I love.”

In case you’ve never had the pleasure of watching it before, each episode of Bodyshockers features people about to reverse a cosmetic or body art procedure while others are about to undergo ones similar to what they are reversing. The respective people get to converse with each other and in some cases even view the reversal procedure, often with the intention of warning those undergoing the procedures of potential risks they could face from it in the future. It’s safe to say in the latest episode the heart-to-heart wasn’t enough to dissuade Jack Woodman from getting that tattoo. Yes, that is his real name.


“It will be the biggest tattoo I have ever had and it will offend a lot of people,” he said prior to getting inked. But Woodman was prepared for the backlash because as the self-proclaimed rebel stated, that was a majority of the tattoo’s intended purpose. “I think it is important to be different. Being boring scares me,” he added later.

And boring he is not (though if he chucks up a peace sign during all sexual encounters, he may not be the most attentive lover). Even if you weren’t privy to his previous reality dalliances on BBC Three’s Young, Dumb and Living Off Mum, and regardless of your opinion of his controversial tattoo, it was enough to live up to the show’s shock-value. Plus, they don’t just let boring conformists on reality television, right?

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