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She’s Beautiful, Talented - Has One Kidney and Two Vaginas!


Double the Pleasure. Double the Trouble.

Cassandra Bankson has been a fighter ever since childhood. Born in in an affluent suburb of San Francisco, Cassandra had a lovely childhood…until the age of eight. It was around that time that she was diagnosed with a rather innocuous strain of Acne vulgaris. However by the time she was fourteen the condition had progressed into an aggressive strain of acne conglobata, that engulfed her entire face and most of her body.

After years of visiting countless specialists worldwide, all of which proved fruitless in treating the condition, Bankson was bullied so relentlessly for her severe acne that she was eventually pulled out of school.

She later studied with a private tutor to complete her education. Life for the young girl took another sad turn when she went in for a routine kidney exam only to discover that not only was she was missing a kidney, but had two vaginas!

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 Photo via instagram